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   Jamundo is a platform formed by young artists providing Groningen for world-oriented jamsessions. To reach out for freejams Jamundo works without borders to make the human brain creative. Interaction between musician and listener is highly valued and after all being able to entertain the audience.





Dear JAMundo fans, music lovers and loyal friends,
After three incredible years with lots of jam sessions and connections we made on stage, we are forced to temporarily pause this world oriented concept of JAMundo. Unfortunately, the evenings of JAMundo are not cost-effective for the hospitality industry in the heart of Groningen. This also means that this next Friday, January 24 and all future planned editions of JAMundo, we will have to cancel indefinitely.
It isn’t easy to organize our JAMundo evenings. As you can imagine it takes a lot of effort to organize all the people involved; from bar owners, managers, servers to our own sound and light technicians, evening hosts, opening bands and musicians to create our special nights and to give the Groningen artists their chance to shine in the stage spotlight. Our JAMundo evenings, musicians and music lovers from all different cultures come together while music connects us and makes everyone just ” ONE” .
Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue these evenings without the support of the municipality funding. We are currently working behind close doors with the crew members of JAMundo and those involved to re-establish this concept in a different/better and improved way.
We want to thank you all for the happiness you have bring us these past 3 years. In particular, we would like to thank the crew, who have really committed themselves without boundaries, De Drie Gezusters, Het Pakhuis, Buckshot and Smoke for the possibilities that we have had with you! Very nice locations and all people who think along with us, but it should not be a loss for the hospitality entrepreneurs! And above all all musicians and artists who have been with us and were part of the show.
We can look back on three great years and say that we will not throw this away.
You will be hearing form us very soon!!
11-11-2019 JAMundo performing the live JAMshow at the Cultural Award Ceremonies of Groningen in Martiniplaza. A collaboration of different cultures sharing the stages for a free jam!
1-11-2019 NEWS! We have found a new location where we will continue our jam sessions: Smoke (Grote Markt 21, Groningen)
JAMundo as guest programmer performing the live JAMshow at Noorderzon Festival Groningen, 17-08-2019
JAMundo using the cardsystem during live JAMshow at Citystage, 14-09-2019


No shows booked at the moment.


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To make the event one big experience Jamundo brings their own hosts. Every music style comes and goes while unexpected situations arise. This all happens during the Jamundo-jamsession using the Jamundo-cardsystem. Curious? Come and visit one of the JAMundo editions!

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